VMAX Hand Dryer More Hygienic Than Paper Towels?

With the ongoing debate about whether paper towels or hand dryers are more hygienic, it’s easy to get confused with all of the conflicting information out there. Sure, older, outdated hand dryers blow air that could contain bacteria onto your hands, which would make paper towels a better option. However, with all the new, high-speed, hand dryers now on the market, you can now ensure your hands stay clean when you dry them with a hand dryer. Plus, these new models are much more effective than paper towels and are far better for the environment. Want even more? These high speed hand dryers save you significant money and maintenance costs, paying themselves within the first year of use.

One of the best hygienic hand dryers available is the VMax® by World Dryer. This high speed dryer features a HEPA filter system, a wider hand drying cavity opening and antimicrobial technology to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. It is one of the fastest hand dryers available, drying hands in just 10-12 seconds – that’s three times faster than traditional hand dryers! Because it dries hands so quickly, the VMax hand dryer doesn’t allow bacteria to grow on your hands. Outdated hand dryers typically take 45 seconds to dry your hands, and most people aren’t willing to stand in front of a dryer for that long. Since it took too long to fully dry their hands, restroom users ended up wiping their hands on their pants, or having damp hands when they left the facility, which meant they could have harmful bacteria on the hands they just finished washing. This is why paper towels have won out in the past – but not anymore! With this incredibly fast hand dryer, bacteria stands no chance since users have completely dry hands in a fraction of the time. The VMax by World Dryer makes wasteful, messy paper towels a thing of the past and ensures a hygienic hand drying experience each and every time.

Not only is the VMax fast dry hand dryer hygienic, it is also quiet when running and is an ideal choice for sound sensitive areas. Gone are the days of having to bear the sound of a jet engine to effectively dry your hands! In addition, this high speed vertical hand dryer is ADA compliant and features an intelligent maintenance system with an LED display that indicates when to empty the water try and change the HEAP filter for easy maintenance. What else is easy? The installation, since this unit features a polarized plug that eliminates the need to hard wire.

The debate is over as to whether or not hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels, thanks to the new technology offered by modern high speed hand dryers. Models such as the VMax by World Dryer ensure an incredibly fast, hygienic hand drying experience that eliminates the need for paper towels. The debate is over - the high-speed VMax hand dryer is more hygienic than paper towels and can save your facility significant money and valuable time. We have the best prices on the World Dryer VMax, so stop by handdryersupply.com to check out this fantastic hand dryer and update your restroom with the modern solution to paper towel waste, mess and costs!

VMax hand dryer in white

4th Jan 2015 Hand Dryer Supply

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