World Dryer VMax V2: Vertically Mounted, ADA compliant and featuring an advanced Intelligent Maintenance System!

The Vmax V2 hand dryer is an innovative, ADA compliant addition from World Dryer, one of the best manufacturers in the industry. This modern, hand drying machine is vertically mounted instead of horizontally mounted as many traditional models are usually installed. Vertical hand dryers, such as the World Dryer Vmax V2 hand dryer, allow users a more comfortable hand drying experience as hands are put into the hand dryer from above and the dryers are typically mounted at waist level. Drying hands in just 10-12 seconds, the VMax V2 hand dryer has a 25% wider hand drying opening for more comfortable and hygienic operation and comes with a HEPA filter system. The included antimicrobial technology helps to inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria and mold while extending the operating life of this advanced high speed dryer. The new and improved VMax V2 lasts two times longer than the original VMax model because of its thermally-protected brushless DC motor. It also features a power consumption of 1,000 watts compared to the VMax which consumes 1,200 watts of power. This ADA compliant hard-wired hand dryer has a water collection reservoir and an LED display as part of its included Intelligent Maintenance System, one of its most impressive components. Easier to clean and highly hygienic, the VMax V2 is available in a stylish and universally appealing silver finish. In addition, this high-performing hand dryer is built out of long-lasting, vandal resistant materials and is backed by a 5 year warranty. For such a powerful machine, the World Dryer VMax V2 is surprisingly quiet when in service and is an excellent choice for areas sensitive to sound.

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