Dyson Airblade

Dyson Airblade

Modern, Innovative and Powerful: Dyson Airblade hand dryers include the dB AB14, Tap, and newly improved V!

Dyson commercial hand dryers are fast, hygienic, and a top choice for any restroom. Known to be high performing, cost-effective and better for the environment, the hand dryer Dyson Airblade models include the Airblade V, Tap and dB AB14. The V AB12 HU02 is the newest product from Dyson hand dryers, and is an excellent example of the company’s exceptional quality and continued novel design. The Airblade V AB12 HU02 has a minimum noise level but still features a powerful, aerodynamic engine to ensure hands are dried in record time. The new V hand dryer also costs 28% less to operate than other hand dryers but still saves significant money versus the cost of paper towels. In fact, the HU02-AB12 has the ability to effectively dry 24 pairs of hands for the price of just one paper towel! Delivering on high speed hand drying performance, the Airblade’s stylish design will match the decor of bathrooms in numerous environments including office spaces and restaurants. Its unique design allows the Airblade V to stand out among other hand dryers on the market while its revolutionary digital motor makes it both fast and eco-friendly. The AB12 - HU02 is available in both low voltage and high voltage models. Drying hands in just 12 seconds, Airblade dryers are incredibly powerful and are constructed out of durable materials to ensure they last.

The Airblade V hand dryers, in white or sprayed nickel finish, is the fastest and quietest slim, ADA compliant hand dryer available and can be installed without additional recessing costs. Available in grey or white, the Airblade dB AB14 is 50% quieter than the original Airblade and utilizes a hygienic HEPA filter to remove over 99% of bacteria from the air in order to dry users’ hands with clean air. The inventive Tap hand dryer and faucet combination allows users to wash and dry their hands in one place and is available in AB09 Short, AB10 Long and AB11 Wall models - all in brushed stainless steel.

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