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Plug-In Hand Dryers

Plug In Hand Dryers come with a cord and three-prong conductor plug to can be plugged into a 120VAC, 60 Hz wall outlet. Almost all of the other electric hand dryers for commercial use on HandDryerSupply.com need to be hard wired to a building’s electrical panel by a certified electrician. The wall plug and cord eliminates the need to run additional electrical wiring to run the hand dryer. A local certified electrician will best be able to help with any questions you might have about your building's electrical requirements or wall outlets. If you have questions about our plug in hand dryers, please call us at 804-859-2498.

  • World Dryer Nova 1 Plug-in Aluminum White commercial hand dryer
    $352.00 $176.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Air Towel Hand Dryer
    $400.00 $297.00 hand dryer supply product rating