Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart JT-SIAP-S-NA Hand Dryer

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The new Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Jet Towel Smart hand dryer offers high-speed hand drying!

The newest innovation from Mitsubishi’s high speed hand dryer line has arrived! The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart JT-SIAP-S-NA hand dryer is an incredibly cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic option designed to exceed expectations. Producing significant cost savings over time, the Jet Towel Smart pays for itself in just a year when used 200 times each day. The entire line of Jet Towel models is recognized for its energy efficiency. In particular, the Smart JT-SIAP-S-NA only utilizes 880-980 watts while operating, and consumes only 660-740 watts when the heater is turned off. This means that the Jet Towel Smart uses up to 50% less energy than conventional hand dryers.

This wall mounted dryer features a touchless drying system making it a more hygienic choice for your hand drying needs. Constructed with fast-acting hand sensors, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart JT-SIAP-S-NA hand dryer takes less than 0.1 seconds to detect hands underneath the unit and begin operating, four times faster than the Jet Towel Mini. The Smart model does not have a reservoir but the air blowing directly on the floor below keeps the area dry and free from spills. Airflow is also directed away from the user so that clothes are kept dry and only the user’s hands are affected by the dryer’s output. Because the Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Jet Towel Smart hand dryer is designed with air intake on the side of the unit and separate from the output nozzles, the risk of water intake is greatly reduced. This design feature ensures the hand dryer remains cleaner and freer of mold and bacteria that can develop in bottom intake dryers and also makes it safer and more reliable over time.

Not only does the Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Jet Towel Smart hand dryer ensure a more hygienic hand drying experience, but it also guarantees a more quiet and pleasant environment as it is the quietest hand dryer in its class. Running at only 62 decibels and still able to dry hands in just 9-12 seconds, the Jet Towel Smart consumes a third less power than other wall mounted dryers. With a focus on user comfort, it features a large drying area of 13.2 cm between the air nozzles and the wall so large hands can have ample space to dry. A 15 cm wide nozzle spreads airflow out across a bigger area so that both hands can be dried at the same time.

Built with a tamper-resistant protective outer shell and ABS body, the Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Jet Towel Smart hand dryer is designed to last. No disassembly is required in order to clean the air filter, helping to make this useful feature easy and quick to clean and maintain. Offering custom color and logo options for large orders, this high-speed hand dryer is a great option for businesses with many locations including restaurant chains, stores and hotels. Adding your brand to this dryer’s classic and stylish design will ensure your name is seen and recognized throughout your business’ locations.

Available in a modern silver finish, the Jet Towel Smart JT-SIAP-S-NA will readily blend into any washroom facility. Its quiet operation, energy efficiency and substantial cost savings make the Jet Towel Smart a “smart” choice for anyone looking to upgrade their restroom!


Mitsubishi Smart Jet Towel Hand Dryer Specifications:

Color/Finish  Silver
Casing Construction/Material  High Impact ABS Plastic
Electrical  120V, 8.8A, 730-1020W, 60Hz
Operation  3 Automatic Sensors
 Adjustable Air speed and Heater
 Powerful Brushless DC Motor
Power  1020 watts (high speed & heat)
 730 watts (low speed & no Heat)
Mounting  Surface-mounted
Unit dimensions  9-3/4 W x 10 H x 6-1/4 D
Unit Weight  11 lbs
Shipping Weight  15 lbs
Standard warranty  5 year parts
Product Certification  cETLus, GreenSpec Listed, LEED, NSF, ETL


pdficon-small.gif New Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Smart Jet Towel Hand Dryer - Spec Sheet
pdficon-small.gif New Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Smart Jet Towel Hand Dryer - User Guide
pdficon-small.gif New Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Smart Jet Towel Hand Dryer - Manual
pdficon-small.gif New Mitsubishi JT-SIAP-S-NA Smart Jet Towel Hand Dryer - Installation Guide

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Warranty Information

5-year parts warranty
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