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Air Towel Hand Dryer

The Air Towel KTM-120 dries hands quickly and is a plug-in hand dryer!

With a wind speed of 300 mph, the Air Towel Hand Dryer KTM-120 from Hitrons Solutions is both high-speed and hygienic. Featuring a super slim design and constructed out of nonflammable ABS & antibacterial materials, the Air Towel by Hitrons Solutions is the result of 50 years of research and development devoted to improving and perfecting the technology of hand dryers. This model comes with many desirable attributes, including adjustable air-speed, a mesh air filter and the ability to turn the heat on and off to adjust the dryer to best suit your facility’s needs. Cleaning is easy on the Air Towel Hand Dryer KTM-120 due to its flat-surfaced water container and an optional lower tray that helps to ensure restroom floors stay dry. A top choice for a variety of washroom environments, the Air Towel Hand Dryer KTM-120 is convenient, efficient and guaranteed to perform.

  • Air Towel Hand Dryer
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