Excel Dryer Cast Hands On R76-W Push Button Recessed White Hand Dryer

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CAST Series R76-W Hands On Push Button Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer - Die-cast Zinc Alloy, White Epoxy Painted Cover, Recessed Mount


  • Hands On® dryers utilize a maintenance free brushless motor, capacitor initiated for quick starts.
  • The air nozzle revolves a full 360 degrees providing easy hand and face drying.
  • The air nozzle can also be fixed into a stationary downward position by means of a simple on-sight adjustment.
  • All Hands On model dryers can also be specified to serve as hair dryers, ideal for health clubs, locker-room facilities, resorts and private washrooms.

Each traditional Cast Cover Series R76-W Excel hand dryer is constructed with a one-piece heavy-duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy cover.

Excel's Hands On bathroom dryers boast a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. The Hands On hand dryer series offers a choice of surface or recessed wall mounting. Hands On hand dryers are engineered to provide twice the service-free life of other hand dryers, and are backed by a Ten Year Unlimited Warranty, including damage due to accidents, misuse or vandalism. All HANDS ON® series models can be specified as hair dryers.


Color  White
Casing construction  Die-cast Zinc Alloy
Electrical  110-120V - 20Amp - 1000W - 60Hz
Operation  Push Button
 Powerful Motor - 3450 RPM
Mounting  Surface-mounted
Unit dimensions  12-1/2" L x 9-3/4" H x 4 D
Unit weight  20 lbs
Certification  Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Listed (UL)
Standard warranty  10-year unlimited warranty



  1. Dryer cover shall be one-piece, heavy-duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy. It shall be lightweight, unbreakable, rust-proof, fitted with a chrome plated die-cast zinc alloy push button, a fixed or 360° revolving die-cast, chrome plated, zinc alloy nozzle and a recessed instruction plate.
  2. All exposed surfaces shall be bright chrome plated or finished with chip-proof, electrostatically-applied epoxy paint.
  3. Surface-mounted covers shall be fastened by two flat head, recessed tamper proof bolts to a cast zinc alloy wall plate. Recessed covers shall be fastened by four flat-head, recessed, tamper-proof bolts to wall box. Wall plate shall be fastened to the wall box by four concealed 1/4 (6mm) mounting bolts, and shall be equipped with three (3) 7/8 (22mm) diameter holes, one of which shall be suitable for use with surface conduit, for ease of wiring.
  4. Cover shall be equipped with an air inlet opening on the bottom of the casting and covered with a vandal resistant metal protective grill to prevent the entry of foreign objects. A chrome plated, die-cast zinc air outlet nozzle on the front of the cover shall permit a full flow of warm air when in operation, and shall be protected by a cast alloy grating fixed into the blower housing.
  5. All internal parts shall be coated according to Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. requirements.
  6. Entire mechanism shall be internally grounded.


  1. Motor for 60 Hz units shall be capacitor-initiated, brushless type (for longer life and quiet operation) 1/10 H.P. 3450 R.P.M. with self-lubricating bearings. It shall be insulated by a resilient mounting and shall be protected by a self-resetting thermal switch.
  2. Fan shall be a large, single inlet centrifugal type for maximum capacity, and shall deliver 150 C.F.M. Fan shall be mounted directly on the motor shaft, and fan and motor unit shall be insulated from dryer with a resilient rubber mounting to obtain maximum dampening effect.
  3. The heating element is constructed of Nichrome wire and side mounted on the blower housing, thereby being vandal proof. It shall be protected by an automatic resetting thermostat which shall open whenever air flow is cut off and shall close when flow of air is resumed. The element shall produce an air temperature of 145°F/63°C at a 72°F/22°C ambient room temperature at the outlet.
  4. The timer is a state of the art electronic device with an adjustable time cycle. For hand dryers, timers are set at 30 seconds and at 3 minutes for hair drying.

 pdficon-small.gif   Excel Dryer Cast Series Hands On Recessed Hand Dryer Spec Sheet



The Cast Series hand dryer by Excel Dryer is MADE IN THE USA!

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Warranty Information

10-year limited warranty
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