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XLERATOReco Hand Dryer

The Updated XleratorEco Hand Dryer Doesn’t Use Heat and Still Dries Hands Fast!

The new and improved hand dryer XleratorEco series does not use heat while in operation, but will still dry hands in just 10 seconds. Constructed without a heating element, this high speed dryer only utilizes 500 watts of power, making it far more eco-friendly than the competition. Since there is less draw on electrical power, you can install up to three XleratorEco hand dryers on one 20 amp circuit, saving significant time and installation costs. Featuring a washable metal mesh filter to guarantee dependable performance, the XleratorEco includes a sensor that notifies users if the filter requires cleaning. A highly visible external LED light flashes specific troubleshooting codes to simplify maintenance needs, making overall upkeep and repair easier than ever. Adjustable speed and sound controls help to make the XleratorEco a top choice for a variety of facilities with particular desires for their specific washrooms. One of the top new features of this enhanced hand dryer is its availability in multiple voltages. Now offered in multiple voltages (110-120V and 208-277V for use in the United States, and 230V for areas outside the US), the hand dryer XleratorEco is open to an even greater number of customers. Backed by a 5 year limited warranty, the XleratorEco comes with a standard 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle to decrease noise level and ensure this hand dryer performs well in many different restroom settings. This high-speed dryer can be surface mounted or recess mounted with the optional recess kit, depending on your restroom’s specific needs. The hand dryer XleratorEco is proven to be over 95% more cost efficient than paper towels, making it an economical choice in addition to being a “greener” option. Better for the environment and better for your wallet because of its energy efficient performance, the XleratorEco is an excellent hand dryer for your facility.

  • XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO White Polymer Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer
    $620.00 $400.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XL-C-ECO Chrome Plated Heatless Xlerator Eco Series from Excel Dryer
    $790.00 $570.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XLERATOReco XL-GR-ECO Graphite Cool Air Hand Dryer from Excel
    $700.00 $480.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Brushed Stainless Steel XleratorEco XL-SB-ECO hand dryer without heat from Excel
    $790.00 $570.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Excel XL-W-ECO White Hand Dryer in the new No Heat XleratorECO series
    $670.00 $450.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Xlerator Recess Kit 40502 on HandDryerSupply.com
    $180.00 $162.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XLERATOR Splash Guard for any hand dryer
    $51.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XChanger Combo Kit #40575: Includes ADA Recess Kit #40502 and XChanger Standard Height #40550 (Xlerator hand dryer not included)
    $198.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • High Efficiency HEPA filter system 40525 for the Xlerator Hand Dryer
    $150.00 hand dryer supply product rating