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New and Improved Xlerator - Powerful, Energy-Efficient, and Dries Hands in just 10 seconds!

With over a decade of proven performance and durability, the enhanced Xlerator hand dryers are now even better! With an incredibly fast 10 second drying time, this hand dryer Xlerator has taken efficiency to a whole new level. Featuring adjustable speed and sound, in addition to changeable heat controls (high, medium, low and off), the high-speed Xlerator series hand dryers are suitable for a variety of restroom facilities thanks to their broad adaptability. A hygienic choice for your restroom needs, the updated Xlerator hand dryer includes a washable metal mesh air filter. An optional HEPA filtration system that filters 99.7% of bacteria from the air stream as well as anti-microbial wall guards are also available for purchase on our website. This touchless hand dryer automatically activates with a built in infrared sensor that detects users’ hands and includes a highly visible external red LED light to indicate the need for maintenance or identify issues with the motor or heater. All XLERATOR hand dryers featured on Hand Dryer Supply include the standard 1.1 noise reduction nozzle which lowers noise but still maintains a high air velocity. By using 80% less energy than other hand dryers on the market and ensuring a reduced carbon footprint, the XLERATOR is not only an excellent choice for your business, but also a great choice for the environment. In a medium to high traffic environment, it will eventually pay for itself with a 95% cost savings versus paper towels. In addition, the Xlerator by Excel hand dryer will help your business qualify for LEED credits and is also GreenSpec Listed. Buy XLERATOR hand dryers, which are made from premium materials giving them long life and excellent durability. Choose from different cover options like the XL-BW with a white polymer BMC fiberglass cover. For added robustness, this virtually maintenance free hand dryer also comes in a metal die-cast zinc alloy cover. These epoxy painted covers include the white XL-W, the graphite XL-GR, the black XL-BL (XL-SP), and the polished chrome plated XL-C. If you want to promote your company or team, you can even get your custom logo or image put on the XL-SI when you buy Xlerator hand dryers from Hand Dryer Supply! Special paint colors and textures are available with the XL-SP model. The most popular hand dryer is the XL-SB hand dryer which features a brushed finish with a stainless steel cover. Now available in multi-voltages, the Xlerator comes in 110-120v and 208-277v for use in the United States and is also available in a 230v 50 Hz model for export. All XLERATOR hand dryers are certified Made In America by Excel Dryer in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and come with a 5 year warranty. Find out more by browsing through our list of XL dryers below.

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  • Xlerator XL-BW white hand dryer
    $650.00 $430.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Xlerator XL-C high speed Excel hand dryers
    $820.00 $600.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Excel Xlerator hand dryer XL-GR
    $730.00 $510.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Excel Xlerator fast hand dryer XL-SB
    $820.00 $600.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Excel Xlerator XL-W hand dryer
    $700.00 $480.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Excel Black XL-BL Xlerator hand dryer
    $750.00 $530.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Cabela's Xlerator XL-SI hand dryer with custom logo on HandDryerSupply.com
    $800.00 $580.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Xlerator Recess Kit 40502 on HandDryerSupply.com
    $180.00 $162.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XLERATOR Splash Guard for any hand dryer
    $51.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • XChanger Combo Kit #40575: Includes ADA Recess Kit #40502 and XChanger Standard Height #40550 (Xlerator hand dryer not included)
    $198.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • High Efficiency HEPA filter system 40525 for the Xlerator Hand Dryer
    $150.00 hand dryer supply product rating