Xlerator Hand Dryers Are Everywhere

Xlerator Hand Dryers Are Everywhere

Whether you’ve been at a restaurant, visiting the doctor’s office, attending a sporting event, or even stopping at a gas station, you’ve probably been in a public restroom at any of these locations and seen an Excel Xlerator hand dryer (or several!) on the walls. There’s a reason these high speed hand dryers are so popular, as they are known throughout the industry for being top performers recognized for their durability and efficiency. The Xlerator automatic hand dryer dries hands in just 10 seconds and is an excellent choice for any restroom due to its comprehensive adaptability.

Are you looking for a commercial wall mount hand dryer that is hygienic and powerful? The Xlerator’s newly updated features include an optional HEPA filtration system that removes up to 99.7% of bacteria from the air stream. You can also purchase anti-microbial wall guards from HandDryerSupply.com if you are looking to add even more germ protection to your restroom. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the spread of germs caused by having to manually operate these high speed dryers. Excel Xlerator hand dryers are all touchless and automatically activated with an infrared sensor included in every unit. Xlerator offers some of the best hand dryer machines that truly perform and promote a more hygienic environment for your restroom!

While admiring all of these great features, you may still be concerned about the noise some high speed hand dryers can produce. No need to worry since every Excel Xlerator hand dryer available for purchase on our website includes the standard 1.1 noise reduction nozzle which lowers noise but still ensures a high air velocity and effective hand drying experience. We can help you reduce noise without compromising on performance! This is one of the many reasons why Xlerator is such a popular high speed commercial hand dryer and so easily adapts to a wide variety of restroom environments.

Color, design, style…maybe you want to customize your hand dryers for your particular facility? Hand Dryer Supply offers a wide variety of different cover options including epoxy painted covers such as the white XL-W, graphite XL-GR, black XL-BL (XL-SP) or polished chrome XL-C. The XL-BW features a white polymer BMC fiberglass cover or a zinc alloy cover. Looking for even more personalization for your commercial wall mount hand dryer? You can get your custom logo or image put on the XL-SI when you purchase Excel Xlerator hand dryers from Hand Dryer Supply! You may have noticed some of these eye-catching dryers at your local university, or even in your gym’s restroom. Having your specific logo added to your hand dryers helps users recognize your brand, company or team, adds to a more cohesive visual environment throughout your facility and takes your restroom décor to the next level.

As if you need more motivation for buying Xlerator high speed hand dryers, every model is certified Made in America by Excel Dryer in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and comes with a 7 year warranty. You are getting an exceptional product and supporting our economy at the same time – it’s a complete win-win! Hand Dryer Supply has the best hand dryer prices for Xlerator, guaranteed with FREE SAME DAY shipping on most orders placed by 2pm EST! We are your best choice for hand dryers, and Xlerator is one of your best choices for a high speed hand dryer that lives up to its more than decade long reputation of excellence. See why so many restrooms already have the Excel Xlerator hand dryer and place your order today!

1st Oct 2019 HandDryerSupply.com

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