No Heat No Problem with Xlerator Eco

How many times have you gone to dry your hands and been scorched by an outdated hand dryer that blasts hot, uneven heat everywhere but where you need it most? Even though you try to use the hand dryer, the reality is, you end up wiping your hands on your pants to get them dry. I bet you’re shaking your head, even as you read this, because we’ve all been there.This is an unfortunate result of dryers past, but no longer a problem today, thanks to the advances made by Excel Dryer with the XleratorEco, an amazing dryer that uses no heat, but can still dry hands in 15 seconds! This is the kind of dryer the Jetsons would have used, folks. Welcome to the future with no heat drying!

Because the XleratorEco has no heating element to heat the air, the unit only uses 500 watts of power, making it much more environmentally friendly than your typical dryer.In fact, you can install up to 3 XleratorEco units on one 20 amp circuit, saving time on installation costs. Who doesn’t like to save time and money, while also helping to save the environment? That’s right, we can’t think of anyone either. Installing any Xlerator dryer means you will use 80% less energy than traditional dryers with a 95% cost savings!And you’ll be doing Mother Earth a favor, too, especially since you won’t be throwing away millions of paper towels, destroying trees and making trash in the process. Win, win.

Check out our XleratorEco hand dryers at We have the lowest price on the XL-GR-ECO hand dryer, which comes in a stylish graphite finish, and will match or beat any advertised price online!This dryer is virtually maintenance free and comes in a variety of other colors, including chrome, white polymer, stainless steel and white epoxy. We have the one you need, so stop drying your hands on your pants, and start drying them the cool way.

The Graphite XL-GR-ECO XleratorEco Hand Dryer

21st Sep 2014 Hand Dryer Supply

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