The World Dryer universal voltage Slimdri is ADA compliant, energy efficient and incredibly fast!

SLIMdri is one of the newest high speed models of World Dryer Hand Dryers. The World Dryer SLIMdri hand dryers have a sleek, modular design that is an excellent match for any restroom upgrade. With universal voltage, the SLIMdri is an ADA compliant surface-mount hand dryer that adapts to a variety of washroom environments. Featuring a powerful 10 to 15 second drying time and flexible heat options, these World Dryer hand dryers save energy while ensuring fast, effective performance. In fact, it is the most energy efficient, lowest cost in use hand dryer available! The SLIMdri comes with a 10 year limited warranty and is available in a variety of finishes, all with sturdy, durable construction and materials. Not only is this hand dryer a top performer, but it is also hygienic thanks to its SteriTouch antimicrobial technology.

With a 40% faster dry time compared to other surface-mounted ADA compliant dryers and 30%-70% less energy use versus competitive hand dryers, SLIMdri World Dryer hand dryers are clearly a top choice for your facility’s restroom needs!

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