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Dualflow Plus Hand Dryers

The Dualflow Plus models are the newest high speed hand dryers from Saniflow Corporation!

Saniflow Dualflow Plus hand dryers are the successors of the Dualflow hand dryer series. With an air speed of 232.6 mph, the new M14 unit completely dries hands in 10-15 seconds and comes with a fully adjustable motor that ranges from 600 watts up to 1300 watts. This energy efficient hand dryer offers variable noise level, drying time and power use. Saniflow Dualflow Plus hand dryers include an internal tank for water collection with an easily accessible external drain valve to empty the water. These innovative hand dryers also feature acoustic and optical warning signals indicating a full water tank and also come with a heating element that can easily be turned on or off. The external surfaces are protected from microbes and bacteria using advanced silver ion technology from Biocote, and incorporate a removable, rinse out filter specially treated with anti-microbial SurfaceAide XL. Cover choices are the White M14A, Satin M14ACS or new Black M14AB. Additionally, the Dualflow Plus hand dryers from Saniflow Corporation are GreenSpec and LEED Certified.

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  • White M14A-UL Dualflow Plus high speed hand dryer by Saniflow Corporation
    $1,040.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Black M14AB-UL Dualflow Plus high speed hand dryer by Saniflow Corp
    $1,040.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Dualflow Plus M14ACS-UL hand dryer in Satin by Saniflow Corp.
    $1,040.00 hand dryer supply product rating