Featuring the new modular ADA wall-mount high speed BluStorm Bolt Hand Dryer!

BluStorm hand dryers by Palmer Fixture (often called Blue Storm Hand Dryers) are completely touchless, yet effectively dry users’ hands in just 10-15 seconds. The BluStorm Bolt is the newest design in Palmer Fixture’s Ultra Series hand dryers and includes several noteworthy features including the ability to dry hands incredibly fast with a sound level of only 73 dB. Introduced in 2015, the BluStorm Bolt 120v HD0923-09 and 220-240v HD0924-09 is the fastest ADA compliant modular hand dryer. With available adjustments for both airspeed and the sensor, the BluStorm by Palmer Fixture also has an on-off switch for the heating element to make it extremely energy efficient. In addition to the Bolt, Palmer Fixture’s HD0950 and HD0951 models are surface mount units and the HD0955 is a recessed hand dryer. These three BluStorm models offer a 95% cost savings vs. paper towels and are GreenSpec Listed to help you quality for LEED credits. Not only are these hand dryers eco-friendly, they are also extremely durable thanks to stainless steel construction and vandal-proof lock screws. An automatic shut-off feature helps to save energy, while the sleek, compact design ensures any BluStorm by Palmer Fixture hand dryer makes a great addition to your restroom.

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We offer quantity discounts and special pricing quotes on our BluStorm by Palmer Fixture hand dryers. We also accept Purchase Orders from Schools, Universities, Local and Government Agencies, and Corporate Entities. Contact us or call 804-859-2498 to place your order.

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