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TRI-Umph Hand Dryers

Featuring the innovative, removable Super Filter System, the ASI TRIUmph™ High Speed hand dryers are ultra-hygienic, killing over 99% of airborne bacteria with three levels of filtration. In addition to its advanced germ protection components, this powerful hand dryer is able to dry hands in only 12 seconds with air blowing automatically from its vents on three sides. Blue LED lights illuminate your hands when drying. The narrow design of the top half of the dryer allows for easy access and cleaning for both the unit and the back wall. These ASI TRIUmph electric hand dryers for sale are built with a comfortable and functional design, allowing users to dry their hands in a natural position without having to bend over or at the knees. With adjustable air flow and an internal on/off switch to control the heater, these electric hand dryers for sale give you more choices and flexible operation in a stylish, modern design.

  • ASI Triumph Hand Dryer 20200 in black and silver is high speed and shines a blue LED light when activated.
    $847.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • White 20201 Triumph Hand Dryer by ASI is high-speed and uses a HEPA filter to purify the air blown on your hands when drying.
    $847.00 hand dryer supply product rating
  • Triumph hand dryer backsplash from ASI
    $600.00 $80.00 hand dryer supply product rating