Why Businesses Should Have Commercial Hand Dryers

While not many people realize it, hand dryers are a key part of any commercial bathroom. They're taken for granted, and without one, employees may quickly find themselves in a pinch trying to get their hands dried quickly and effectively.

Now, when it comes to picking hand driers, it's important to take into account a variety of factors. Different types of hand dryers are available, and it's important to consider which one will best suit the needs of the business!

That said, why do you actually need hand dryers in the first place? Let's talk about that. Additionally, we'll get into the benefits of having hand dryers installed in your commercial bathrooms:

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Hand Dryers

While the battle between hand dryers and paper towels continues to be a heated debate, the fact is that having a hand dryer in your commercial bathrooms is better than having none. Here's why:

1. Supports Good Hygiene

In the midst of the current health crisis, it is important not to overlook the importance of drying your hands after washing them. Wet or damp hands can spread bacteria more quickly and easily, negating the work you did by washing them.

Ensuring your workplace is a safe and hygienic environment is important. And by installing touch-free hand dryers in your commercial washroom, you ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained, and your employees are protected from getting unwell. These automatic dryers have become especially popular recently due to the heightened concern of people touching surfaces in public restrooms. So, having them is essentially a given at this point.

2. Promotes Sustainability and Cost Savings

Hand dryers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for commercial bathrooms. They are initially more expensive than paper towels, but in the long run, they are cheaper because you don't need to buy items such as replacement paper towels and waste bins. Additionally, they are more eco-friendly than paper towels.

For example, for a commercial bathroom, such as one that sees 150 hand-drying actions daily, paper towels alone can cost over £1000. In addition to the cost, there is also the waste and disposal of paper towels to consider. Meanwhile, low-energy high-speed dryers can cost much less while also reducing the environmental impact of using paper towels.

3. Easy to Maintain

When considering what type of hand-drying device to buy for your restroom, an automatic hand dryer is the most convenient option. It requires minimal upkeep and maintenance! How is this so?

Well, touch-free or manual hand dryers are an alternative to paper towels, which require more work for the maintenance department to keep stocked. Once installed, hand dryers are ready to use and only need to be serviced every few months, making them a convenient and low-maintenance option.

Benefits of Having Commercial Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers provide a great, hygienic way to dry your hands, no matter the type of business you are in. Whether you're in a restaurant, a sports venue, or an apartment building, you can use a hand dryer to quickly and easily dry your hands without the need for paper towels. Not only is it more efficient, but it's also more hygienic.

That said, there are more benefits you can enjoy from having them installed in your commercial toilets:

1. Reduced Costs

If you're looking to reduce your expenses, electric hand dryers are a great option. They do away with the need to buy paper towels for your restroom, and they require less upkeep than paper towel dispensers. By ditching paper towels, custodial staff can save time and effort by not having to empty garbage cans, clean up scattered paper towels, or unclog toilets due to paper towels being flushed.

2. Clean

People often believe that there is no major difference between using paper towels or an electric hand dryer to dry their hands after washing them in the bathroom. People assume that their hands are clean after washing them, so it doesn't matter which method they use. However, the handle of the paper towel dispenser is often contaminated with germs due to people not properly washing their hands. Additionally, used paper towels can stay in the garbage bin for days, which can cause the spread of germs. So, by using a hand dryer, you eliminate the risk of dealing with dirty handles and more!

3. Easy to Use

Automatic hand dryers are equipped with a motion-activated sensor that turns the dryer on and off without requiring any physical contact. This helps to eliminate the possibility of transferring germs from person to person as the hand dryer is used. This makes them more hygienic than push-button hand dryers, which can spread germs if someone who hasn't washed their hands properly pushes the button.

4. Works Fast

With high-velocity hand blowers, you can now dry your hands in as little as eight seconds! Not only are these machines incredibly fast, but they are designed to be energy-efficient. So, rather than having a long line of people queuing up to dry their hands, these speedy hand dryers will help reduce wait times.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Making your business eco-friendly is no longer a bonus but an expectation. Drying hands with hand dryers eliminate an immense amount of waste from being produced. Just consider the number of paper towels you use to dry your hands; now, amplify that figure by the number of people who use the facility or are employed by the business. That's just one day! Simply put, utilizing hand dryers instead of paper towels not only decreases the amount of waste created but also drastically reduces the deforestation of trees.


All in all, if you want to ensure your employees enjoy the best possible hygiene whenever they go to the bathroom, make sure your facilities are equipped with hand dryers. Sure the debate about their effectiveness versus paper towels may last forever, but with technology constantly improving, we can simply say that hand dryers are getting better at what they're doing. Regardless, they already offer a ton of benefits today, and to ensure you get to enjoy healthy, happy employees, make sure your commercial toilets have them equipped!

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10th Jan 2023 Hand Dryer Supply

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