Think Design, Think Bobrick

Think Design, Think Bobrick

You know the satisfaction you experience when you discover a product that not only performs incredibly well, but also features a sleek and striking design? Bobrick delivers this kind of satisfaction with their line of top performing commercial hand dryers. When it comes to providing your patrons with products that perform well but also deliver style, design and aesthetic appeal, Bobrick hand dryers will exceed your expectations by truly elevating any restroom environment.

Bobrick hand dryers and washroom accessories are a trusted and valued industry standard for good reason. Hand Dryer Supply carries a range of Bobrick hand dryers to compliment your restroom and take its design to the next level! We can help you achieve your vision for your facility with these specialty high speed hand dryers that showcase high-end designs paired with better operational costs, cleanliness, and overall endurance for extended product life and performance.

It’s easy to admire the sleek and modern designs of Bobrick hand dryers, but you should also be aware of the immense savings these high velocity hand dryers can provide, year after year. The Bobrick InstaDry B-7125 high speed automatic hand dryer dries hands in less than 12 seconds and has annual operating costs as low as $12.60 in high-traffic areas. That means you spend up to 80% less in operating costs compared to other leading brands! In addition, the Bobrick B-7125 is built to last longer than other high speed dryers, with an average lifespan of more than 7,500 hours. That’s a product life expectancy of over 10 years in high-traffic washrooms! Clearly Bobrick high speed hand dryers are not only designed for looks, but are also designed to be powerful and economical.

Whether you are buying Bobrick hand dryers for a school, civic center, office space or any other facility, your choice will provide users with an excellent product that not only looks good, but is built to withstand high traffic while saving you money. We carry the best commercial hand dryers from Bobrick, including the InstaDry, ADA TerraDry, TrimLine, Compac Dryer, AirCraft, and QuietDry Series DuraDry. No matter what model suits your needs, we have the best Bobrick hand dryer prices and can help you decide which units would be your top choice to elevate your restroom. Let’s take your washroom to the next level and see what Bobrick can do to enhance the design and function of your facility!

21st Oct 2020

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