Holiday Handwashing Spread Cheer

With the holidays here, it’s very important to keep hands clean and sanitized to avoid spreading germs and getting sick during the most wonderful time of the year. Meeting new people and shaking lots of hands at holiday parties, extra cooking and baking, lots of hugging and sharing – it truly is a wonderful time of year, but also one where germs can wreak havoc on you and your family!

As you prepare special recipes, wrap your arms around your favorite nephew, or shake hands with your co-workers at the annual Christmas party, it’s imperative that you remember to frequently wash your hands to help prevent catching the flu or inadvertently sharing germs with a loved one. Hand washing helps to keep food safe, prevents the spread of disease, and encourages children to adopt and maintain healthy habits they see modeled by the adults in their lives.

You can help set the example for healthy hand hygiene this holiday season by reminding or helping young children to thoroughly wash their hands before every meal. Whether enjoying turkey and gravy, or decorating sugar cookies, clean hands are a must any time children (or adults!) are handling food. By setting up a hand washing routine, you can make this simple step a natural part of your family meals, during the holidays and any time of year. Make sure to wash your hands and model how to do so effectively, any time you eat, cook or help to feed others at your table. This will help your children continue to practice healthy hand-washing habits at school and in public restrooms throughout your community.

After washing your hands, make sure to thoroughly dry them to ensure hands stay clean. If using a public restroom, use the available electric hand dryers to effectively dry your hands and help children do the same. It’s very important to completely dry your hands after washing them, because if your hands are left damp, that moisture can attract more bacteria onto your skin. Never leave a restroom with wet hands – put those hand dryers to good use as part of your family’s healthy hand-washing routine!

No matter how you celebrate this season, make sure hand-washing (and drying!) are part of your and your family’s everyday routine. So go enjoy cooking all those favorite family recipes, sharing hugs and handshakes, and handing out treats at the cookie exchange. wishes you a happy (and healthy) holiday!

12th Dec 2019

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