Battle COVID During National Public Health Week

The current health crisis around the world caused by Covid-19 is getting more serious every day. As a result, people are more concerned than ever with washing their hands and sanitizing surfaces to help prevent the virus from spreading further. Public Health Week is recognized during the first week of April, but now more than ever, it is imperative that we highlight how to properly wash hands to try and slow (and eventually stop) the spread of Covid-19.

The importance of properly washing your hands cannot be overly emphasized as we all work hard to contain Covid-19 and protect one another from illness. Healthcare workers around the world are asking people to properly and thoroughly wash their hands as this simple act can mean the difference between actively spreading germs and preventing severe illness. You may think that washing your hands is a straightforward task, but unfortunately most people do not wash their hands carefully enough and therefore inadvertently risk spreading viruses, including Covid-19.

So how should you wash your hands? What is the best way to clean them in order to help protect yourself and your family from becoming sick? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend you thoroughly wet your hands with clean, running water before adding soap. Turn off the water and apply soap to your hands, making sure to work up a lather that covers the backs of your hands, your wrists and especially between your fingers and underneath your fingernails. You can either slowly count to 20 or sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself (twice!) in order to make sure you are washing your hands for the proper length of time to eradicate germs. After scrubbing your hands, rinse them well under clean, running water and then thoroughly dry your hands. You can use a towel or any hand dryer to ensure your hands are completely dry. High speed hand dryers will dry your hands quickly and effectively and are especially helpful during this time when paper products are harder to come by.

Washing your hands is now more important than ever as we try to slow the spread of Covid-19. We must be as diligent as ever in practicing proper hand hygiene, effectively washing and drying our hands to help keep the virus out of our homes and communities as best we can. We wish all of you health and wellness during this challenging time, and encourage you to spread the word: Effective Hand Washing Saves Lives!

24th Mar 2020

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