5 Things To Love About A Dyson Hand Dryer

The most challenging component of hand washing is drying, especially in public restrooms. Because ordinary towels can be extremely unhygienic, we usually resort to using paper towels or hand dryers. However, even the most high-quality paper towels are wasteful and may run out if not regularly managed.

Thankfully, we now have electronic hand dryers that can help us out. Depending on the model, hand dryers can be a fantastic tool. They allow us to dry our hands safely through semi-warm air.

If you are looking for a great hand dryer, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover the five things you will love about a Dyson hand dryer today.

The Beauty of a Dyson Hand Dryer

If you need some convincing, here are some reasons why you should buy one:

1) Powerful

Dyson's are the fastest on the market. They dry wet hands by 95% in 13 seconds, according to testing. They dry both sides of your hands at the same time, reducing the amount of time you have to spend in front of the dryer.

2) Hygienic

Dyson hand dryers have enough force to push germs from the hands into the air. According to 2015 research, this is somewhat true, but if you have cleansed your hands with soap and water, you should not be concerned.

The National Sanitation Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes public health through food safety and sanitation standards, has approved Dyson hand dryers such as the Airblade. Dyson's products are NSF-certified for purposes other than food.

The HEPA filters destroy 99.9% of airborne germs. These antibacterial materials keep everything clean.

3) Protected From Vandalism

Hand dryers can be vandalized depending on their location. Being ripped off the wall, having foreign items thrust into apertures, and being struck with blunt objects are all examples of this.

Vandalism does not affect these hand dryers. This is critical when placing a hand dryer in a bar or restaurant toilet.

Dyson hand dryers, particularly the Airblade variants, are resistant to vandalism. Not only is the design more robust than other market-leading hand dryers, but the bolts and screws are hidden to avoid tampering.

4) Earth-Friendly

We must now all work together to help the environment. Customers, visitors, and employees will appreciate your efforts to lessen your company's environmental effects.

Dyson hand dryers are environmentally friendly since they consume less energy than competitors.

They are ideal because of their low power ratings and short drying times. Every drying cycle uses 6 watts, compared to 25 to 40 watts for typical hand dryers.

5) Digital and Brushless

Brushless digital motors are used in these hand dryers. These should last longer than ordinary hand dryer brush motors.

Digital brushless motors are only useful in high-usage hand dryers. This is only a consideration if you install your Dyson hand dryer in a high-traffic public area, such as a nightclub bathroom or airport departures area.

Why You Should Consider Hand Drying

Pathogens are drawn to hands. Every day, we come into contact with a plethora of contaminated surfaces, such as door knobs, laptops, and phones. Infectious germs and diseases live on these surfaces, waiting for you to touch them and spread them.

Hand hygiene can help to keep diseases at bay in workplaces, stores, and restaurants. It is also necessary for clinical and therapeutic settings for illness prevention.

Indeed, with the rampant spread of diseases, it is not enough to merely wash your hands. Drying them is also critical. Here’s why:

● Gives Reassurance

People normally dry their hands after washing and rinsing them. Wet hands are uncomfortable and inconvenient.

While hand drying is preferred by 70% of people, only 1.5% use their own towels. Because soiled clothing can recontaminate clean hands, this method of hand drying is inconvenient.

● Gets Rid of Dampness and Bacteria

Hand drying removes any bacteria that may have remained on the skin after washing. Drying inhibits the recolonization of bacteria on the skin.

Hand drying decreases cross-contamination by removing moisture. Wet hands, according to research, pose 1,000 times the risk of germ transmission as dry hands.

● Offers Efficiency

Drying your hands after washing them can improve hand cleansing efficacy and reduce food contamination.

Choosing the Dyson Airblade Jet Hand Dryer above All

These jet hand dryers are substantially faster than warm air hand dryers. Warm-air dryers are known to simply eliminate moisture from the skin. They last up to a decade, which is far more useful than using paper towels.

However, hand dryers that use warm air pollute the environment, according to scientific studies. This method of hand drying is not suitable for the healthcare or food service industries, thus the prevalence of Dyson Airblade and other jet blade dryers. Most people do not use warm air dryers for long enough, resulting in damp hands and further contamination. Because some buttons are capable of transmitting pathogens from surfaces to humans, regular cleaning and upkeep must be employed.

Because of their endurance, the Dyson Airblade Jet Hand Dryer uses less energy and is better for the environment than warm air dryers and paper towels. According to studies, this model dries hands just as quickly as paper towels. Because they dry hands faster, users are less likely to leave without properly drying them, minimizing disease transmission.

The Dyson Airblade Jet Hand Dryer comes with HEPA-filtered air that kills germs and bacteria. These filters capture minute particles from the lavatory air before it exits the machine, reducing infection spread.

Jet blade dryers may still spread infections to washroom surfaces, but they leave your hands cleaner than warm air dryers do; therefore, you should avoid contacting surfaces after washing and drying your hands.


Dyson, a leading industry brand, is known to impress with its modern technology, functionality, and overall design. We simply cannot say that their hand dryer is any different from their amazing products. Now, if you are searching for the perfect hand dryer, the Dyson Airblade Jet Hand Dryer is your next best investment.

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28th Dec 2022 Hand Dryer Supply

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